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Symbols of what can't be seen

[ Marcus Borg's Idea ]


Marcus Borg talked about how people benefit from sacramentals, physcial things that help us better grasp spiritual things.  The symbol to the left is meant to illustrate some ideas about the Divine Companion.  


This image illustrates the relationship between you and your Divine Companion.  


The upper figure in yellow represents the Divine Companion reaching down to touch you. The lower figure in red represents you.  The outstreched hand of both represents the desire to reach out and connect with the other.  Each one is reaching out to the heart of the other, to know the deepest values and longings of the other.


The relationship begins with longing, the fact that you value what is divine, what is "of God."  Drawing close to God allows God to transform your mind.  Together God and you create something unique, illustrated by the orange. Something that can't be created by either one alone.  


The tone of the picture reflects the tender and caring tone of God with us.  





Thanks to Bob Perry for painting the picture. 

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