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Upcoming Event


an afternoon of short talks, song and conversation



a conversation for both

spiritual-but-not-religious people

as well as

spiritual-and-religious people

Please join us for a non-dogmatic conversation about spirituality, about God within you.


3 PM Saturday 1/14/2023

Unity Center

3918 San Juan Avenue, Port Townsend

This event explores both your psychological and spiritual aspects as articulated by spiritual sages, psychologists, poets and philosophers. Psychologists, such as Richard Schwartz and Carl Jung, describe how helpful it is to harmonize the various parts of your inner world; spiritual sages, such as Teresa of Avila and Thomas Keating, describe how your inner world is host to a divine assistant who can be an amazing help to you as you navigate this life.


This conversation

▪ is down-to-earth to better help if you are feeling anxious, lonely or lost;

▪ explores the individual perspective of God-Within-You, not based on a certain dogma;

▪ welcomes hearing your own experiences of connecting with the Divine Indwelling;

▪ may help you nourish your budding inner connection.

Please join us!


* This event isn’t selling anything, doesn’t take donations, isn’t trying to recruit members for anything or drum up business. We are just hoping to create a place for a conversation that integrates psychological and spiritual perspectives about how you live your one precious life. This event isn’t connected with TED talks or Unity in any way.

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