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  • Sat, Jan 14
    Unity Center
    Jan 14, 2023, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
    Unity Center, 3918 San Juan Ave, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA
    Short presentations, live music, conversation

Upcoming Event: A SpiriTED Dialogue
Saturday  1/14/22   3 PM
Unity Center in P
ort Townsend WA

Please RSVP  ------->

A conversation about God from the perspective of

spiritual sages (Teresa of Avila and Thomas Keating)

and psychologists (Richard Schwartz and Carl Jung)

​with live music

Weaving spiritual wisdom with psychological knowledge 

One conversation for talking about the psyche and the divine.

Your inner world is a very active place, filled with thoughts, feelings and values that profoundly shape your life for better or worse.  Your inner world is also home to various inhabitants.  

Psychologists say, if you pay attention, you will find several often-immature personas in your inner world: possibly a vicious Inner Critic, a defeated Artist, or perhaps a misguided Loose Cannon.  Your personas usually need your assistance to live in harmony with each other which often makes problems more manageable and life’s possibilities larger.  

Spiritual trailblazers say, if you reverently seek, you will also find an inner Divine Companion who loves you and is the most amazing partner.  Your Divine Companion is distinguished from your personas by much kindness and a strong desire to have a vibrant engagement with you.  For many, cooperating with the Divine Companion was at the heart of living a larger life with more compassion and deeper meaning.

The wisdom of these two perspectives can complement and strengthen each other but they are not often integrated.  The premise of this website is to create a conversation where both perspectives are appreciated.


Concrete actions for creating such a common ground are:

--presentations (suspended now during Covid) [see Events tab],
--publication of online e-booklets [see Download tab]

        Inner Landscape (brief introduction)
       Inner Landscape; Part I
        The Divine Companion Symbol

--project to collect pivotal spiritual experiences [see Your Story tab]

Sisters and brothers,

You are like a castle, a home to many parts.

This castle (you!) is beautiful,

so beautiful that God very much desires to live in this castle with you. 

The most amazing miracle in this whole world is God drawing so close to you:

God values you so much that God insists on,

and will not desist from, residing with you!

And the greatest tragedy in this world is to be ignorant of this miracle.

Please never doubt the great value God paces on you.

Allow knowing that God resides with you to erase

any and all doubts of the value of your castle (you!).


paraphrase of Teresa of Avila

(Interior Castle)

Each one of us has an inner tribe of multiple parts or personas.  Each one of us can be sometimes altruistic and other times selfish, sometimes strong and other times vulnerable.  Sometimes one persona within us can dominate the other parts, drown them out.  

We are healthier when our parts are well integrated, when the members of our inner tribe get along.  We also have an essence, our Core Self, who can help tremendously in our efforts to harmonize our inner world if we only invite the Core Self to participate.  

paraphrase of Richard Schwartz

(Internal Family Systems)

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